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Phoenix Gold Free Flight


What's in the box

Price: RM249.90


✓  Powerful Cordless design for complete freedom of movement

✓  Ceramic Soleplate

✓  48g/min of continuous steam

✓  Steam Burst – a shot of intense steam

✓  Heats up fast – ready to use from cold in less than 30 seconds

✓  Fast Re-heat – wait as little as 6 seconds between ironing sessions

✓  Vertical ironing - freshen up fabrics on the hanger

✓  Precision Tip - reach even the trickiest areas

Phoenix Gold FreeFlight’s cordless design offers total freedom of movement combined with the power and versatility of a corded iron. Now you can reach both ends of the ironing board, iron in either direction or in any position without having to stop and untangle the cord. 


Phoenix Gold FreeFlight makes ironing easier with 2400W of power and continuous steam output of 48g/min, allowing you to iron several layers at once, while the Steam Burst function helps remove the most stubborn creases by releasing an intense shot of steam. Phoenix Gold FreeFlight can even steam vertically allowing you to quickly remove creases in curtains or freshen up clothes on the hanger.


All the features of a corded iron without the restrictions

The smooth, ceramic-coated soleplate effortlessly glides across all fabrics without sticking or snagging while a precision tip enables you to reach even the trickiest areas around buttons or between pleats. The Anti-Drip system stops stains from water droplets at low ironing temperatures while the Anti-Calc and Self-Clean functions help to eliminate lime scale build-up to prolong the life of the iron. There’s even an Auto-off safety setting for peace of mind, plus a ‘Ready to Use’ thermostat light indicator. 


Quick, convenient heat and steam

Phoenix Gold FreeFlight’s ceramic soleplate heats up from cold in less than 30 seconds, and the reheat time, when placed back in the dock, is only 6 seconds so your time isn’t wasted waiting for your iron to get to the right temperature for those stubborn creases. But, if 6 seconds is still too long, you can use Phoenix Gold FreeFlight while still attached to its dock, like a normal corded iron, for constant, non-stop steam power.

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