JML are a global market leader in consumer products sold through innovative film marketing.


With an annual turnover of £100 million and products available in more than 70 countries, our success in promoting innovative products and driving revenue for retailers across the globe is unparalleled. Our unique business model, which combines focused multichannel sales with integrated marketing, media, ecommerce and distribution has transformed a small family-run enterprise into an international household brand.

We source successful product concepts from across the globe and promote them through a combination of TV advertising and in-store screen promotions. This approach has proven to be hugely successful and has helped put a JML product in more than 7 out of 10 UK homes alone. Our sales strategy can be easily replicated in any retail environment and utilised to significantly build profits for retailers large and small.



JML offers great terms to help guarantee retailer profits, including:

• Sale or return options for large clients 
• All promotional materials including brand new screen technology 
• Expert sales support regularly from our field sales team 
• Heavyweight TV advertising 
• TV ads tagged with YOUR name


Big on innovation

• 15 million products sold globally every year 
• 20,000 UK JML retailer 
• 40,000 sq. metres of retail floorspace 
• 100,000 store visits made every year by our ward-winning Field Sales Team 


Big on TV

• £16 million UK annual advertising spend 
• 3 owned shopping channels 
• 100,000+ UK TV spots a year 
• 90% of the UK population have seen our adverts 
• 2014 Shopping Channel of the Year award-winner 


Big online

• 9 transactional websites
• 700+ available SKUs 
• Over 22 million page views each year 


Big internationally

• 70+ countries selling our products
• 8 offices globally
• 17 international subsidiaries
• JML films available in 27 languages


How we guarantee profits for retail clients

We provide:
• Heavyweight TV advertising
• TV ads tagged with YOUR store name
• Bespoke promotional materials, including brand new screen technology
• Expert sales support, provided by our award-winning Field Sales Team

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